In addition to processing superordinate asphalt-related and technical tasks, the central technology-asphalt department is also the point of contact for the entire BAG Group for questions relating to bitumen and asphalt as construction materials. 

The central department also has the task of guaranteeing the regular exchange of knowledge and experience within the BAG Group. This includes, for example, the performance of regular training for BAG Group laboratory staff. The large seminar area of the TechnologieCentrum, which is also available to other departments in the head office and at subsidiaries, has proven to be ideal for this. 

Head office staff are actively involved in work on creating current rules, guidelines and standards on the technical panels of  the Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV), the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and further institutions.

Asphalt technology and quality assurance (ATQ)

The ATQ department is the central hub for superordinate asphalt and bitumen-related matters. In addition to the initiation of research and development activities, it is responsible for the quality management of selected production locations and the supervision of special bitumen and asphalt products. 

Central technical department (ZMTA)

The central technical department supports subsidiaries and affiliated companies with all technical and approval-related questions. It serves as the central point of contact with planning, performance and post-processing investment projects or the further development of processes and components. 

Asphalt central purchasing

The central purchasing department for the asphalt area is responsible for the strategic procurement of the necessary technical investment goods and larger repair components in co-ordination with the central technical department and the subsidiaries and affiliated companies.. 

Its tasks also include the conclusion of framework agreements for operating and consumable materials and services and also contributions to matters regarding synergies and efficiency.