For instance, the Romans were already using basalt and other hard rocks for their roads; and in the Middle Ages towns and fortifications without such building materials would have been unthinkable. High relative density, high strength and good weather resistance distinguish the high-quality products produced by Basalt AG from hard rocks. And the construction industry relies on hard rock products for a whole range of applications.

The raw material is detached from the quarry walls by drilling and blasting, and refined in modern crushing and screening plants to produce a number of product groups.

Applications for Basalt AG products have just simply become part of everyday life. They range from using rock flour for the mineral fertilisation of soils low in minerals, to filtration in the treatment of drinking water, to raw materials for insulating products (rockwool).


We have a keen innovative edge and it is this combined with superior quality—certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 by DEKRA-ITS—and the versatile product range that have made the production plants and sales and distribution operations of the Basalt Group competent partners for the construction industry.

DIN EN ISO 50001