In this Code of Conduct for Suppliers, Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft and its affiliated companies have set out their requirements and principles for cooperation with their suppliers.

Our group of companies is committed to the following values:

We treat our employees in a humane and open manner (this term covers employees of any gender) and are fair and honest in business competition. We live up to our responsibility towards society and the environment in all our activities.

We expect our suppliers (this term also includes plant companies and service providers) to implement and comply with the principles set out in this Code of Conduct in all areas of business and to align their activities accordingly.

1. Law and order, human rights

In all business actions and decisions, our suppliers observe the applicable laws and rules, in particular internationally recognised human rights including the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and anti-corruption, competition, antitrust, environmental and data protection law.

2. Dealing with employees

Our suppliers

  • promote equal opportunities, diversity and equal treatment and prevent discrimination in recruitment, promotion and employment of workers, in particular on the grounds of nationality, ethnic origin, gender, sexual identity, marital status, age, physical condition, appearance, religion or belief;
  • recognise the respective applicable laws on the formation of interest groups and on freedom of assembly and association, and respect the right of workers to freely elect their own representatives and to bargain collectively;
  • remunerate their employees appropriately and grant the statutory and collectively agreed benefits applicable to them.

3. Occupational health and safety

Our suppliers protect their employees from work-related safety and health hazards through preventive health and safety management and create safe working conditions for them.

In all cases, our suppliers must comply with the locally applicable health and safety measures for their employees.

In addition, our suppliers attach importance to the continuous improvement of the working environment and promote the implementation of safety-related qualification measures.

4. Environmental protection

Our suppliers comply with all environmental standards applicable to them and are committed to the principles of sustainable business and environmental protection as a corporate value. Within their sphere of influence, our suppliers take all reasonable measures to protect the environment, minimise environmental pollution and continuously improve environmental and climate protection, in particular through environmentally-friendly technologies.

5. Child labour

Our suppliers strictly reject child labour and any exploitation of children and/or young people. The minimum age for admission to employment must not be below the age at which compulsory schooling ends, and under no circumstances be below 15 years. ILO exceptions apply. National standards for the protection of children and young people must be complied with.

6. Forced labour

Our suppliers do not tolerate any form of forced or compulsory behaviour, bonded labour, serfdom and slave labour. Similarly, prison labour that violates human rights is rejected. No worker shall be forced into employment, directly or indirectly, through violence and/or intimidation, or be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment, corporal punishment, etc. (ILO Conventions 29 and 105). Workers shall be treated with dignity and respect.

7. Fair competition

Our suppliers are fully committed to fair competition and fair contracting.

In particular all agreements between companies, decisions by associations of companies and concerted practices which have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition are prohibited, which includes in particular agreements with competitors for the purpose of sharing markets or customers as well as agreements on prices or conditions.

8. Prevention of corruption

Our suppliers

  • do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery;
  • assure that they do not offer, promise or grant any improper benefits to our employees in order to influence their decision-making;
  • avoid conflicts of interest that can lead to corruption risks;
  • select their advisors, agents or other intermediaries carefully according to suitability criteria; the remuneration of advisors, agents and other intermediaries may not serve to provide undue advantages to suppliers, customers or third parties;
  • do not promise, give or accept gifts or hospitality that are not appropriate or are given with the intention of improperly influencing the business relationship;
  • reject any unlawful material and immaterial donations to public officials, political parties, their representatives as well as to mandate holders and candidates for political offices or other persons;
  • always make donations and sponsorships on a voluntary basis without gaining any unlawful business advantage.

9. Money laundering and terrorist financing

Our suppliers shall ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing in their company.

10. Trade controls

Our suppliers shall adhere to all applicable national and international laws and regulations regarding the import and export of goods, services and information and comply with any applicable embargoes and sanctions.

11. Data protection

Our suppliers observe all applicable laws on the protection of personal data, in particular relating to their business partners and employees.

12. Compliance with the Code of Conduct or equivalent principles

Our suppliers

  • shall ensure that the principles set out in this Code of Conduct or equivalent principles are complied with;
  • shall forward this Code of Conduct or equivalent principles to their suppliers and subcontractors and commit them accordingly;
  • are committed to ensuring that this Code of Conduct or equivalent principles are also adhered to by their suppliers and subcontractors;
  • do not tolerate any discrimination against persons who report violations of this Code of Conduct or equivalent principles.

In the event that there are concrete suspicions of a violation of this Code of Conduct, our suppliers shall carry out an appropriate review or have such a review carried out and provide appropriate support.

Where possible, we give our suppliers the opportunity to implement appropriate remedial measures in the event of minor violations of this Code of Conduct. Any serious violation shall constitute grounds for extraordinary termination of the existing contractual relationship.

In addition to our right to claim damages, our suppliers are obliged to indemnify us against all consequences of a breach of this Code of Conduct, in particular, fines, penalties and claims by third parties or authorities