All technical expertise for the areas of asphalt and bitumen have been concentrated under one roof. In addition to the spatial consolidation of the central technology-asphalt department and the central asphalt laboratory, the BITUMINA business has also found a home in the TechnologieCentrum.

Research and product development

Requirements and ideas are realised directly in projects due to the short communication routes; research and product development in the fields of asphalt and bitumen in particular are being extended. The direct proximity of the Cologne-Porz asphalt mixing plant allows the flexible implementation of new developments on a large scale.

One theme which is gaining in importance is an examination of ideas for the future of roads as traffic carriers (road of the future). 

The regional laboratory of the Bergisch-Westerwälder Hartsteinwerke, a subsidiary of BAG (BAG-BWH) has also been accommodated in the TechnologieCentrum. In-house production control for six asphalt mixtures in the metropolitan area of Cologne is operated from here. 

With the realisation of the TechnologieCentrum, the Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft has strengthened its own market position as a competent and innovative manufacturer of construction materials.